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Book of Ra reviews

If you want to touch a legend and try to play one of the most famous and popular slot games in the world, you should definitely take look at the site of the Book of Ra by Novomatic. This slot game is known to every experienced gambler. The game’s plot is about ancient Egypt – a brave explorer searches for the sacred book. He will have to explore the ancient tombs and even encounter the gods.

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The vast majority of users who tested Book of Ra, leave positive reviews about it. RTP of the game equals

92.13%, which is not quite a lot, but is greatly compensated by the high winning multipliers. Maximum you can get for a round of the game is 96.5%, which is pretty good, and the maximum winnings reach as much as 10014 bets.

Book of Ra reviews

Graphics and voice acting are done at a respectable level. Those provide immersion into the atmosphere of riddles, myths and adventures in the style of Indiana Jones. The interest in the game is heated up by special symbols, the possibility of getting free spins and doubling any winnings.

Let’s look at some of the reviews of real players.


Favorite game about Egypt

This has been one of my favorite games for years. The Ancient Egypt theme has always interested me, and here I got a chance to feel like Indiana Jones. On top of that, so far I’ve been able to win more, so I’m more than fully satisfied. I advise this one to anyone who wants to play a really cool slot game.


I wish I had started playing way before

At first I couldn’t understand why bother playing Book of Ra, since the game is almost 20 years old. It is simply outdated and not really relevant today, compared to the modern games with 3D graphics. So I thought about it until I started it for the first time. It turned out that even today, the graphics look quite ok, and the atmosphere is amazing. I regret now that I got familiar with this wonderful game so late.


Helps to pass the time

I work as a security guard in a warehouse, so at night I often sit with my phone killing time at an online casino. Many thanks to the Book of Ra. Thanks to this game I’ve passed a lot of long boring nights. At the same time I’ve gotten a decent profit as an addition to my salary. It is important to not get carried away though.

Nikolay Petrovich

Book of Ra real players reviews


For a long time I could not figure out how to play the Book of Ra. For some reason my favorite Parili’s strategy didn’t work out. Then I decided to try Martingale and, oh miracle, everything worked. According to my observations, a series of wins and losses do not work here, since the slot is highly volatile. So stock up on bankroll. You’ll need a heavy moneybag, because you can easily get a couple dozens of losses in a row. But it’s a pleasure when you get them back in one fell swoop.


Play in order

I didn’t start with the first version of Book of Ra. I was so young, I played the first thing I came across. Then someone has explained to me that I was wrong and it’s better to start with the first model. What can I say… A true delight. Now most slot apps are not as cool for me, and I always play this wonderful “grandpa”.


A normal slot game

Some ordinary slots, I don’t know why there’s so much fuss about it. Yeah, it’s not bad, but it’s really old. I prefer modern models with stereo sound, 3D graphics, and unusual features like Megaways and Cascades.


Freespins are just super

I’m so ashamed to admit it, but it was just a month ago when I first tried the Book of Ra. Probably, I was very lucky, but during the first hour I caught freespin rounds 3 times. Accordingly, for an hour of play I got to increase the bank by 2 times. I was satisfied, I will continue to play.


Big odds are better than the jackpot

Those who dream of big wins usually prefer slot machines with jackpots. I, on the other hand, weighed all the pros and cons, and then decided for myself that the chance of getting the jackpot is slightly inferior to the chance of meeting a dino on the street. So I prefer the regular slots with high multipliers. My choice fell on the Book of Ra, which provides the opportunity to win as much as 10 thousand bets. I’ll play it for a month or two, and then I’ll report what it’s like.

Gennady Viktorovich

Catch them freespins

An interesting game, despite its age. I really enjoyed it, and I tell you – try it at your free time. This atmosphere is impossible to convey in words, so you have to see for yourself. And a small tip – try to catch freespin rounds, the main winnings, as it seems to me, come from them.


Book of Ra players reviews


Book of Ra is a unique slot software, and almost everyone likes it. Most players recommend this app to others. Despite its considerable age (released back in 2004), the game looks nice even nowadays. Although the payoff of the slot is quite low, the big winnings more than compensate for it.

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The most frequent mention by real users is the free spins round, which is provided after a roll of 3 book icons, the possibility of doubling any winnings, and the atmosphere of an exciting adventure. The slot game is perfect for any player, from beginners to seasoned veteran gamblers. Play and win! And never give up, just like Indiana Jones.

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